• The M1 "Deathvivor" with M.O.A. System is an absolute behemoth of survival destruction, and a true force to be reckoned with! (OK, taking a few liberties here!) Featuring a 9.75" long blade of 2" wide stainless steel, it is the best selling knife of it's kind ever sold by me! With functional sawteeth and unstoppable chopping power, it is there to help you Make it Out Alive! It comes standard in CPM154 stainless steel, and includes a rugged kydex sheath with several carry options (handmade leather sheath is optional), and a variety of cord wrap colors and GunKote finishes are available. There are quite a number of options available on this system, including a number of custom options. M1 base price: $1050 Handmade Leather Sheath: Add $125 Steel Plated Buttcap: add $50. Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50. PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100. M.O.A. System: Add $200
  • The S.A.F.E. System comes standard with the knife, kydex sheath, and ferro rod that threads into the buttcap (or compass in the buttcap, your choice). The knife comes standard in CPM 154 stainless steel. Starting price is $550, and options can be added. When purchasing the pouch on the sheath, it includes an empty tin. Finish comes in blasted or satin, or GunKote. Cord wrap in green or black, and sheath is available in black or "weathered brown" or black finish (if upgrading to leather). The S.A.F.E (SSI) has a hollow grind on a large wheel. The hollow grind is pictured starting on the 6th picture in the slides. The knife pictured on the tiger stripe camo background has a hollow grind and also has the micarta grip sleeve under the cord wrap (option no longer available). I also now offer several different colors of GunKote over the blasted finish.   SAFE System I Base Price: $550 Handmade Leather Sheath: $75 Pouch on Sheath: Add $45 (includes empty tin) Basic Survival Kit: Add $50 (includes button compass in leather pouch, small flashlight, and tinder cord) Steel Plated Buttcap: Add $45    
  • SkelePAL

    The SkelePAL is designed as an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife, meant to give you everything you need, and nothing you don't. It is large enough to handle work chores, woods/field use, it excels at hunting/cleaning game, and pretty much whenever you just need to cut stuff. Ground to slice, not for abuse.
    • OAL: 7.6"
    • Blade length: 3.25"
    • Thickness: 3/16"
    • Steel: 440C
    • Hardness: 59-60
    • Weight of knife: 4.5 oz.
    • Price: $225     
    • SkelePlate Mounting Plate w/UltiClip: Add $30
    If you would like to add the SkelePlate mounting plate with included UltiClip, add $30. This gives you at least 6 different mounting positions, both vertical and horizontal. If you do not want the SkelePlate, you will need to provide your own carry method (TEKLOK, etc.) SkelePlate pictured on camo sheath for reference.

    To purchase one of these from stock, click HERE to go directly to the Gear Convoy page for checkout.

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    Diablochete! A real beast for real world use. More info coming soon, these have an 11" blade of 80CRV2 steel and GunKote finish, with a variety of options. Base model features the knife with GunKote in your choice of colors, and kydex sheath for $575. Hand stitched leather sheath adds $125. The PSK knife and hybrid kydex/leather pouch are optional. I will get more info uploaded soon. 11/28/22
  • The B.U.S.H. Knife is a great user knife designed to be carried and used in the field. Nearly everything has been taken into consideration to keep the price just right and still keep all of the performance. The standard configuration is with an 1/8" thick blade of either 1095 or 440C and a nice hollow grind on a large wheel. This gives the best of both worlds, excellent cutting aggression of a hollow grind with the durability of a flat grind. These have a Kephart style blade of 4 1/8" in length, for maximum utility, and my "Ranger" style handle and fully sculpted guard for indexing and control. Standard setup is the GunKoted knife and kydex sheath. Optional is a matching machined aluminum firesteel with replaceable ferro rod (GunKoted to match), and with a matching kydex firesteel loop. You can also get the steel plated buttcap, although this will move the balance point back a bit, with this being such a small and light knife. B.U.S.H. Knife Base Model: $450 Firesteel and kydex sheath loop: $45 Steel plated aluminum buttcap: $45
  • The Wilson Survival Puukko-These are based on a Polar factory made blade blank of 80CRV2 carbon steel with the 3.75" long blade and hammered finish. I make the handles and buttcaps in my shop myself, and perform all of the required wizardry to attach them securely to the handles. They are constructed in the same manner as my other hollow handle knives, so you will break the blade like a conventional knife before ever getting the blade out of the handle. These are handmade blade blanks so expect some imperfections and minor irregularities, as you would normally find on knives of this style. Nothing that will affect function, but these were not CNC milled to perfection. It goes with the puukko style, and I let nothing out that would adversely affect the ability of the knife to work properly. I include a kydex sheath in OD green kydex with a leather belt loop attachment. This is removable, should you wish to use a different attachment method. Satin aluminum is the standard finish, and OD green GunKote finish is available on the handle and buttcap. The brass ferrule and blade remain uncoated. Button compass in the buttcap is standard. Firesteel handle in machined aluminum (and GunKoted to match, if you so choose) with kydex loop on sheath available also. Cord wrap color is based on availability, but I usually have black, OD green, tan, brown and safety orange in stock. Survival Puukko with satin aluminum finish and kydex sheath: $195 OD GunKote on handle and buttcap (and firesteel handle if ordered): $25 Machined aluminum firesteel handle with replaceable 5/16" ferro rod: $45

    I do these in batches and they are sold only when in stock. To puchase, click the link to the Gear Convoy store HERE.

  • SSII Elite

    The SSII Elite is the “tactical” version of the S.A.F.E. System II knife. With a lighter and faster aluminum handle tube, steel plated aluminum buttcap (with standard pommel spike, for when you have to access a cold beverage quickly), double hollow grind, CPM154 stainless steel blade, two-tone GunKote finish, and standard kydex sheath, it is field-ready. There are various options available below. SSII Elite Base price with Kydex sheath: $695 Leather sheath: $75 Machined aluminum ferro rod handle attached to sheath: $45 Kydex pouch on sheath, includes empty tin: $45 PSK Knife (in mini kydex pouch attached to sheath): $100
  • The M8 has a 9" long and 2" wide blade of 1/4" thick stock. It comes standard in CPM154 stainless steel, and has been tested extensively in that steel, so I have full confidence in it. It comes standard with a kydex sheath, with a variety of carry options. You can get it in satin, blasted, or two-tone finish. A variety of GunKote finishes are now available on the knife. This is a great option that gives further corrosion resistance, and makes cleaning of the knife very easy. Beautiful hand stitched leather sheath is optional. You can add the M.O.A. System (pouch and tin on sheath, PSK knife behind pouch, and steel plated aluminum buttcap). You can also request a clip grind (false edge) at no extra cost. The M.O.A. System components are listed separately, and then as a package below. Please contact me with any questions. The M8 pictured here has the old style system, please check the M7 page for the latest configuration. The M7 Page
    • M8 base price: $925
    • Hand stitched Leather Sheath: Add $125
    • Steel Plated Buttcap: add $50.
    • Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50.
    • PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100.
    • M.O.A. System: Add $200
  • The M9 is a fast and intimidating knife that hearkens back to the deadly hollow handle survival fighters of the 80's. It has a sleek and dangerous 8.25" long blade of CPM154 stainless steel, functional sawteeth, and steel plated buttcap, all of which come standard. To upgrade it to the M.O.A. System, it just needs the pouch on the front of the sheath and the PSK knife. Comes in two-tone or all blasted finish and a variety of cord wrap colors and GunKote finish options. Rugged kydex sheath comes standard, and is included in the price. M9 base price: $950 Hand stitched Leather Sheath: Add $125 Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50. PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100. M.O.A. System: Add $150  
  • The M7 is based on the Lile Sly II/First Blood knife. This is not a "tribute knife" or a copy, but rather is my take on the design. I have changed a number of things in an effort to both make the design my own, and improve performance and function. The Model 7 comes with a 7.75" blade. These knives are made to be used and are fully functional. I offer an asymmetrical guard, as opposed to a combat style double lugged guard, to make it more practical and comfortable. There are a number of options available. Some of the pictures below feature things I don't currently offer or have changed. Feel free to contact me with questions. Please watch the video below to get the latest information on the M7. The base model comes standard with a CPM154 stainless steel blade, with or without sawteeth, a rugged kydex sheath (beautiful handmade leather sheath is optional), and your choice of two-tone or fully blasted finish, and a variety of cord wrap colors and GunKote finishes. The M.O.A. System adds the steel plated buttcap, pouch/tin on front of sheath, and PSK knife that fits behind pouch on sheath front. M7 base price: $950 Hand Made Leather Sheath: Add $125 Steel Plated Buttcap: add $50. Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50. PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100. M.O.A. System: Add $200
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    This is my version of the venerable "Kephart" style bushcraft knife. I have made a few minor modifications to suit my taste, but it is not a major deviation from the original, in my opinion.
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    The S.U.B. System is a series of Survival Utility and Bushcraft knives. There are currently two models to choose from, the larger 4.75" bladed version out of 3/16" thick stock, the S.U.B. 1. And the smaller 3.25" version out of 1/8" stock, the S.U.B. 2. When calculating options, start with a base price of $250 for the S.U.B. 1, and add on from there. For the S.U.B. 2, start with a base price of $165. O1 tool steel is the base steel for these.
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