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The S.U.B. System is a series of Survival Utility and Bushcraft knives. There are currently two models to choose from, the larger 4.75″ bladed version out of 3/16″ thick stock, the S.U.B. 1. And the smaller 3.25″ version out of 1/8″ stock, the S.U.B. 2.

When calculating options, start with a base price of $250 for the S.U.B. 1, and add on from there. For the S.U.B. 2, start with a base price of $165. O1 tool steel is the base steel for these.

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The S.U.B. System-Survival Utility Bushcraft. The idea was to have a comfortable, drop point knife with contoured handle, and a little bit of curve to put the cutting edge forward and increase leverage. Offered in O1 tool steel, full flat grind, @ 59 HRC. Blade is 4 3/4″ long, with an overall length of 9 1/4″. Made out of 3/16″ stock. Personally, I think being able to field-sharpen your knife is extremely important, if you’re ever out there and something goes wrong, or you just use your knife quite a bit, a dull knife becomes dangerous/useless pretty quick. But I don’t care much for pouches on the front of the sheath (hence the birth of the M.O.A. System, with its magnetized compartments in the sheath.)

So for this one, I put a pouch behind the belt loop, where it is out of the way, yet still serviceable. The belt loop can be opened up for easier access, and is held in place by a Pull-the-Dot snap (which can only be opened by pulling in one direction), for security. This is similar to a design done by Vaughn Neeley and Timberline Knives years ago, where they put a small channel behind the belt loop for a ferrocerium rod. This takes the concept further, and puts my spin on it.

I will be offering it with and without the pouch. When ordered with the pouch, it comes with a diamond sharpening stone (the red “Medium” grit), and a ferro rod that fits in the pouch.

Available with stabilized wood handle scales, or micarta. Corby bolts are used instead of pins for added security.

Steels: O1 Carbon Tool Steel or CPM 154 Stainless

Blade Lengths: 4.75″ on larger version, 3.25″ on smaller version

Thickness: 3/16″ on larger, 1/8″ on smaller

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S.U.B. I ($250), S.U.B. II ($165)


O1, CPM 154 (Add $50 for SUB I, $25 for SUB II)

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