S.A.F.E. System


The S.A.F.E. System comes standard with the knife, kydex sheath, and ferro rod that threads into the buttcap (or compass in the buttcap, your choice). The knife comes standard in CPM 154 stainless steel. Starting price is $550, and options can be added. When purchasing the pouch on the sheath, it includes an empty tin. Finish comes in blasted or satin, or GunKote. Cord wrap in green or black, and sheath is available in black or “weathered brown” or black finish (if upgrading to leather).

The S.A.F.E (SSI) has a hollow grind on a large wheel. The hollow grind is pictured starting on the 6th picture in the slides. The knife pictured on the tiger stripe camo background has a hollow grind and also has the micarta grip sleeve under the cord wrap (option no longer available). I also now offer several different colors of GunKote over the blasted finish.


SAFE System I Base Price: $550

Handmade Leather Sheath: $75

Pouch on Sheath: Add $45 (includes empty tin)
Basic Survival Kit: Add $50 (includes button compass in leather pouch, small flashlight, and tinder cord)
Steel Plated Buttcap: Add $45





The S.A.F.E. System (Survival Adventure Field and Exploration) is designed to be more compact, lighter, and more minimalist. It includes the hollow handle knife, it utilizes the same threaded buttcap as a handle for the ferrocerium rod, to make it easier to hold while striking.

To lighten the system, I got rid of the compartments on the sheath, where the PSK knife and sharpening stone would be stored. I think it’s very important to be able to sharpen your knife in the field, so I took a diamond sharpening rod and put the same threaded sleeve on it as the ferro rod. This allows it to be screwed into the buttcap for use as a handle while sharpening. This makes it more comfortable to use a ferro rod/sharpening stone that would otherwise be difficult to grasp, due to size constraints of having to fit into the hollow handle.

The SAFE knife utilizes the same construction method as on my larger hollow handle knives, which I have demonstrated the strength of by doing chin-ups on the handle. But I have scaled this knife down to make it a better performer for finer work, and use aluminum for the hollow handle instead of steel. The blade is made out of 3/16” stock, to make it a better slicer and shave weight. It also features a full flat grind, for aggressive cutting ability.

It also features an asymmetrical guard. This provides for safety during hard use, but also allows the thumb to be placed on the spine for detailed work. The spine area is squared for striking the ferro rod.

I used a retention strap based on shock cord, like on my larger knives, so that when you unfasten it from the stud, it flies back out of the way. I much prefer that to keeper straps that go across the guard, and clutter up the front of the sheath, and can get cut when drawing the knife. This way is also easy to modify, if the user wants to remove it, and put on a simple snap strap across the handle. The belt loop also features a “Lift the Dot” snap, for security, so that the belt loop can be opened and the knife put on or taken off without opening up your belt.

Blade Steel: CPM 154 only

Blade Length: 4 ¾”

Handle: Approx. 4 5/8” incl. buttcap

Blade Thickness: 3/16”

Weight: Knife weighs approximately 8 0z.

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