The M9- Model 9


The M9 is a fast and intimidating knife that hearkens back to the deadly hollow handle survival fighters of the 80’s. It has a sleek and dangerous 8.25″ long blade of CPM154 stainless steel, functional sawteeth, and steel plated buttcap, all of which come standard. To upgrade it to the M.O.A. System, it just needs the pouch on the front of the sheath and the PSK knife. Comes in two-tone or all blasted finish and a variety of cord wrap colors and GunKote finish options. Rugged kydex sheath comes standard, and is included in the price.

M9 base price: $950

Hand stitched Leather Sheath: Add $125

Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50.

PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100.

M.O.A. System: Add $150




The M9 is a design based on several other knives from the past, as well as my own input. I wanted something similar to the M7, but no raker teeth on the front, and a more curved and dangerous looking clip. The M9 is the result. Sporting an 8.25″ long blade of 1/4″ thick stainless steel, it is fast, sharp, and will get your heart racing!

This model can come equipped with or without the M.O.A. System, but it comes standard with steel plated buttcap, sawteeth, two-tone finish and kydex sheath. To upgrade to the M.O.A. System, you just need the PSK knife and pouch on the front of the sheath. Hand stitched leather sheath adds $125.

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