SSII Elite


The SSII Elite is the “tactical” version of the S.A.F.E. System II knife. With a lighter and faster aluminum handle tube, steel plated aluminum buttcap (with standard pommel spike, for when you have to access a cold beverage quickly), double hollow grind, CPM154 stainless steel blade, two-tone GunKote finish, and standard kydex sheath, it is field-ready. There are various options available below.

SSII Elite Base price with Kydex sheath: $695

Leather sheath: $75

Machined aluminum ferro rod handle attached to sheath: $45

Kydex pouch on sheath, includes empty tin: $45

PSK Knife (in mini kydex pouch attached to sheath): $100



The SSII Elite (S.A.F.E. System II) is built on the exact same platform as the SSII Kodiak. However, it has an aluminum handle tube (as opposed to steel) to bring down weight a bit and improve balance, for a livelier feel in the hand. This model does not have sawteeth, but has the exact same blade profile. A 6” long blade of CPM154 stainless steel, 3/16” thick stock and double hollow ground.

It sports a near mirror polish for outstanding contrast with the two-tone GunKote finish, which is standard in flat grey. Black, OD green, or possibly other colors are available for a small upcharge. Kydex is the standard sheath for this knife, and is available in black, OD green, and camo at this time.

A stainless steel spiked pommel (cause it looks so cool) is standard on the buttcap, which is aluminum for the body, and has a stainless steel plate under the spike. You have your choice of a ferro rod attachment, or the compass in the buttcap. There are a number of options, like on almost all of my knives, such as a kydex pouch with leather flap, matching aluminum ferro rod handle, and PSK knife that can be added behind the pouch. For custom options, feel free to contact me and we can figure that out together.

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