The M7-(Model 7)


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The M7 is based on the Lile Sly II/First Blood knife. This is not a “tribute knife” or a copy, but rather is my take on the design. I have changed a number of things in an effort to both make the design my own, and improve performance and function. The Model 7 comes with a 7.75″ blade and hand stitched leather sheath. These knives are made to be used and are fully functional. I offer an asymmetrical guard, as opposed to a combat style double lugged guard, to make it more practical and comfortable.

There are a number of options available. Some of the pictures below feature things I don’t currently offer or have changed. Feel free to contact me with questions. Please watch the video below to get the latest information on the M7.

The base model comes with a 440C stainless blade (one of my personal favorite steels and a great performer), a plain leather sheath (pouch is extra), and your choice of two-tone or fully blasted finish, green or black cord wrap, and black or “weathered brown” sheath. The M.O.A. System adds the steel plated buttcap, pouch/tin on front of sheath, and PSK knife that fits behind pouch on sheath front and saves you a buck or two.

UPDATE: I now offer clear GunKote over the blasted portion of the knife.

M7 base price: $695
CPM-154 Stainless Steel: add $100.
Steel Plated Buttcap: add $40.
Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $40.
PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $75.
M.O.A. System: Add $150

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The Model 7 (M7) is my take on the very popular and iconic Sly II knife by James Lile. The Sly II was a version of the First Blood knife that Lile made for the hit motion picture “First Blood” starring Sylvester Stallone, some years ago. The First Blood knife had a 9″ long blade with sawteeth and two-tone finish and some other particular options. The “Sly II” was a version that offered different blade lengths but the same basic design. And because it wasn’t the movie knife, it was also less expensive, even though they were very similar to each other.

In my opinion, this knife looks better with a 7.5″ blade (which was originally offered by Lile) than with the 9″ blade. I don’t want to simply offer copies of other maker’s knives, so I have made several alterations in an effort to both slightly improve it and to make it my own. My M7 has a 7.75″ long blade (they are all handmade, so sometimes there are variations) of stainless steel, with 440C being standard. It comes standard with sawteeth and my asymmetrical guard, which is much more comfortable than a lugged double guard. It comes with either a full blasted finish or two-tone satin and blasted pattern.

The leather sheath is hand stitched and features a drop leg swivel attachment that allows the knife to pivot at the hip when you sit or kneel down.  A pouch with tin on the front of the sheath and steel plated aluminum buttcap are both options, as well as a PSK knife that fits behind the pouch on the front of the sheath. Cord wrap in green or black and sheath in weathered brown or black. Threaded ferro rod (instead of compass in the buttcap) is standard.