M8- The Model 8


The M8 has a 9″ long and 2″ wide blade of 1/4″ thick stock. It comes standard in CPM154 stainless steel, and has been tested extensively in that steel, so I have full confidence in it. It comes standard with a kydex sheath, with a variety of carry options. You can get it in satin, blasted, or two-tone finish. A variety of GunKote finishes are now available on the knife. This is a great option that gives further corrosion resistance, and makes cleaning of the knife very easy. Beautiful hand stitched leather sheath is optional.

You can add the M.O.A. System (pouch and tin on sheath, PSK knife behind pouch, and steel plated aluminum buttcap). You can also request a clip grind (false edge) at no extra cost. The M.O.A. System components are listed separately, and then as a package below. Please contact me with any questions. The M8 pictured here has the old style system, please check the M7 page for the latest configuration. The M7 Page

  • M8 base price: $925
  • Hand stitched Leather Sheath: Add $125
  • Steel Plated Buttcap: add $50.
  • Pouch on Sheath (includes tin): add $50.
  • PSK Knife (fits behind pouch on front of sheath): add $100.
  • M.O.A. System: Add $200


The M8 Devastator is a no-nonsense large drop point blade that is designed to be a good chopper, camp knife, and all around survival blade. With it’s large 9″ long blade (approximately 2″ wide) made from 1/4″ thick stock, it is beefy enough to handle tasks like shelter building, chopping, and other large knife tasks, and thanks to the fine edge geometry I place on there it will still make fine cuts with no problem at all. A fantastic multi-purpose knife and if you add the M.O.A. System (this adds the pouch with empty tin, PSK knife, and steel plated buttcap) you now have a whole system that can conquer just about any task asked of it. A real beast!!

Comes standard in satin or blasted finish, or two-tone. GunKote is now standard on the blasted portion of the knife. You can request it without the GunKote, no price difference.

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