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I offer the K2 standard in 440C, CPM 154 is optional. Both are great stainless steels. I do not offer a carbon steel option for the Chef Series at this time.

$425 is the base price for the K2 Chef knife in 440C stainless steel. Add any options/upgrades to that price.

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I am currently offering two models for the chef series, the K2 and it’s companion utility knife. These can be purchased separately, or together. A high-quality hand stitched leather sheath for each is available, for both transportation and presentation of the knives. A leather “piggyback” sheath is also available as an option.

I make these out of quality 440C stainless steel. There is a lot of information on the internet about what is the latest and greatest “super steel,” and what all they can do and how much better they are than 440C. I won’t argue that they are better than 440C in regards to edge retention or some other attribute, but what I can say is that I haven’t been able to tell much of a difference.

Additionally, 440C has a proven track record that is decades long, and is an absolutely great steel. Many, many custom makers and production companies have produced many excellent knives from this steel, possibly more from this steel than any other. It has fantastic corrosion resistance, holds an edge very well, is fairly easy to sharpen, especially when diamond stones are used. The majority of the knives I have made for my personal use have been made from 440C, and I can tell you that I have been extremely unkind to it. Yet it has never disappointed me.

I have had some of my knives, both mine and customer knives, go for months without needing a sharpening. I won’t lie and tell you that it maintained a hair-popping sharp edge all that time, but it was sharp and perfectly serviceable. But, to meet customer demand, I also offer CPM 154 as an option for those that prefer it. It is very expensive steel, so there is an upcharge for it.

The steel is tempered very hard, @ 60 on the Rockwell scale, for these chef knives. This will yield better edge retention. I utilize a full flat grind, and distal taper, for both increased cutting performance and better balance. The edge is ground to approximately .010 thousandths before sharpening, which gives a very, very sharp edge. If you prefer thinner, and understand the limitations of an edge that thin, I will grind it thinner for you.

The handles are contoured for comfort, and the spine is radiused, so that when you press on the back of the knife during cuts, there are no hard corners to dig into your hands. I use Corby bolts in conjunction with epoxy to hold the handles on, so there is no danger of them ever coming off. Micarta as well as stabilized wood are offered for handle options.

Blade length: Chef-9″ Utility-4.5″

Steel: 440C (CPM 154 is optional)

Hardness: 60

Width: Chef knife- 2″ at the widest point

Thickness: .090″ at the spine

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