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The P.A.C.Knife is a lightweight hollow handle knife designed for backpackers, hunters, hikers, and others who want a lightweight knife they can grab and go. At 5.5 oz. for the knife itself, it’s easy to forget it’s there. It is still a fully functional hollow handle knife, constructed in the same way as my other knives.

To keep it economically priced, options are limited at this time. Cord wrap and sheath colors and the color of GunKote finish are the only options at this time. Compass in the buttcap is the only option there. The knife with sheath is $450.  UPDATE: I have now started hollow grinding the PACKnife on a large wheel. This will give it increased cutting aggression, without really sacrificing any strength on a knife this size. The first two pics are of the most recently hollow ground PACKnife. It also has clear GunKote over the blasted finish.

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This is the P.A.C.Knife-Pack And Camp Knife. The idea was to have a smaller, lightweight, and economically priced hollow handle knife that was essentially a knife with a built-in match safe. That has always been the basic idea in my mind for hollow handle knives, and with this one I wanted to do a knife that trimmed away the fat.

Weight on my scale for the knife itself is 5.5 oz.  Obviously being handmade, they will all vary a little. The weight for the leather sheath is about 4.5 oz, for a total weight of around 10 oz.

For this one I used 1/8” stock hollow ground on a large wheel to get the most slicing ability. The edges are run on the thin side for increased performance. This will take very light batonning, things like splitting kindling and tinder, but I wouldn’t recommend heavy batonning or trying to use it as a “hard use knife.” I have no doubt that the handle/blade joint will take it, but I am grinding these on the thinner side at the edge, for good slicing capability.

The guard is aluminum, to keep weight to a minimum. The handle tube is also aluminum. I did this to cut weight, and cut weight it did. It is made from 1/8” thick walled tubing that has been slightly bored out for more storage. The handle is also beveled right below the guard to provide a more aesthetically pleasing transition from the 1” wide blade to the 1” wide handle.

Other than that, it shares a lot of characteristics with my other hollow handle knives-cord wrap, cord ring, to both trap the cord and serve as a protective “hood” for the O-ring, and of course the tapped buttcap for the screw in ferro rod, along with the rollup pouch of waxed linen that keeps things from bouncing around in the handle and can also be cut in strips to serve as emergency tinder.

The standard sheath is kydex, both to keep weight and cost down, while providing more resistance to the elements. Leather is available for a $75 upcharge. The sheath is of a “bushcraft” style. It has very good retention via formed leather, and will not come out even with vigorous shaking while upside down.

Steel:  CPM 154

Blade length:  4.5″

Blade thickness:  1/8″

Handle length:  4.5″

Total length:  Approximately 9 1/4″

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Kydex Sheath (Standard), Leather Pouch Sheath Add $75

Cord Wrap

Green, Black, Orange


Blasted, GunKote Finish

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