The Knives

M.O.A. System

Make it Out Alive- Large survival system designed to give you the tools you need to survive in the wilderness or other hostile environment. This includes the M1, M7, M8, and M9.

S.A.F.E. System I and II

Survival Adventure Field and Exploration- More compact knife and sharpening system when you don’t need or want a large knife, yet still versatile and capable.


Pack And Camp Knife- A very lightweight option, for backpackers, hunters or others who want to keep weight at a minimum. The knife weighs just 5.5 oz.

Wilson Survival Puukko

The Wilson Survival Puukko is a hybrid factory/handmade knife to give you the best of both worlds, and keep costs down. Excellent working knife.

The B.U.S.H. Knife

The B.U.S.H. Knife is a lightweight hollow handle knife designed to be used in the woods. With a sculpted handle and machined surface for indexing the knife and a hollow grind for great cutting aggression. 

Bushcraft/Wilderness Use Knives

Survival Utility Bushcraft- Bushcraft/EDC fixed blade series with an emphasis on comfort in the hand, durability, and cutting efficiency.

The SkeleP.A.L.

Minimalist EDC, work and hunting knife.

Chef Series

High performance cutting tools for the kitchen.

The Knife Maker

My name is Sam Wilson, and I started Wilson Custom Knives as a way to make the knives that I want to use, and that meet my high standards for knives and cutlery in real-world use. I primarily make Hollow Handle “Survival” type knives, outdoor and bushcraft knives, and kitchen cutlery. I also make custom designs based on your input. Producing a high-quality handmade knife for someone is something I take very seriously, as their life may depend on it. Regardless of the intended use of the knife, it is of the utmost importance to me to produce a quality product that can perform as stated. I am continually trying to improve both my methods and finished product, so that the end user receives the best product possible. I don’t believe in sending something out of the shop that I’m not proud to have my name on.