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The P.A.C.K.Lite is an ultra lightweight hollow handle knife designed to be light enough (3.2 oz for the knife) to carry it every day, and at the same time offer enough functionality to be more useful than just a folding knife in your pocket. You are getting a fixed blade knife with a compass in the buttcap, cordage, storage in the handle, and the strength to be used without fear of it folding on your hand.

This is a “mid-tech” project designed and executed by Sam Wilson of Wilson Custom Knives, with all of the work being done here in the U.S., and as many components as possible being sourced domestically. As of now, only the button compass is sourced overseas, that we know of.


Blade: 3″ long, OAL 7.25″

Steel: CPM154 @59-60

Weight: 3.2 oz for knife

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We are very excited to be able to offer the PACKLite (Pack And Camp Knife), by Wilson Custom Knives! This is an ultra lightweight hollow handle knife that is designed to be used, and is light enough, at 3.2 oz for the knife, to be carried daily.

You are getting a lot of functionality for the size and price. A 3″ long and 3/32″ thick blade that is flat ground to SLICE gives you cutting performance. An unobtrusive and well radiused guard gives you protection from the blade in full comfort, and being asymmetrical allows you to put your thumb comfortably on the spine, which is sharp and easily able to strike a firesteel.

For the same or less weight as many folding knives, you are getting a fixed blade knife in premium GunKote finish, emergency cordage, a storage space in the hollow handle, and a compass in the buttcap. Also included is an OD kydex sheath. It is compatible with a TekLok belt clip, or you can add on the handmade leather belt loop attachment pictured below.

Black cord wrap only, no color options available at this time.


Blade: 3″ long, OAL 7.2″

Steel: CPM154 @59-60

Weight: 3.2 oz for knife

Knife and OD Kydex Sheath: $275

Leather Belt Loop w/Kydex Mounting Clip: $25

These are scheduled to start shipping in Jan/Feb, barring any delays. As of 11/28/22, blades are cut and profiled and headed for final machining. ALL work done in the U.S.A.  Click on the link below to head to Gear Convoy to sign up for the pre-order. It is only $1 to lock in your order. Thank you for the support!

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