This is a list of options that are available for the M.O.A. series of knives. If there are any exceptions, I will let you know at time of order, but in general all of these are available on all M.O.A. knives.

The base price is listed on the page of the model and starts with a carbon steel blade, and you simply add the costs up for the additional options you are interested in and that will give you a total price for the knife. Always confirm with me before ordering, as things are subject to change depending on availability, materials pricing, etc.

440C Stainless Blade– add $50

CPM 154 Stainless Blade– add $100

M.O.A. System– add $225

The M.O.A. System is an add-on and includes the magnetized pockets in the sheath to hold the PSK knife and sharpening stone, and also includes the small backup knife (PSK knife), the diamond sharpening stone, and a button compass.

“Mycarta” layer on handle– add $45

Sawteeth– add $50

Pouch on front of sheath– add $35     The pouch on the front of the sheath includes an empty “Altoids” style tin.

Basic Survival Kit– add $40 in conjunction with pouch, for a total of $80 (Kit cannot be ordered alone) When you purchase the “Basic Survival Kit,” it is in addition to the pouch on the sheath and includes a larger compass sheathed in leather with a lanyard, a small flashlight, and tinder cord. The Basic Kit cannot be purchased separately.

Steel plated buttcap–  add $35

This is a unique option that has a thin steel plate attached to the aluminum buttcap. This gives you the lightweight advantage of aluminum for the cap, but allows you to hammer/pound with the butt of the knife without gouging into the softer aluminum.